Domain-Driven Design Showcase

Let’s get concrete with Domain-Driven Design! This is a walk-through of code in an in-production application. The code is based on Vaughn Vernon’s book Implementing Domain-Driven Design. All in one jam-packed video with no filler content!

Presenting at Operation Code meet-up group at Microsoft

You will see application design and code covering:

  • Bounded contexts
  • Aggregates
  • Services
  • Commands
  • Domain Events
  • Message handlers
  • Website tactics enabled by events
  • Durable messaging infrastructure and tactics
  • Strategies for error handling
  • Strategies for message de-duplication
  • Making the most of cache with infinite time-to-live (and using events to ensure cache bust at the right time)

You will also see 

See the 20 minute introduction to here:

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View the full length video (1:40 hour) here

While the site is intentionally simple to understand, we will cover and dive into advanced topics that will elevate your understanding of Domain-Driven Design and associated concepts such as services, background workers and messaging. We will cover how you can send events from background workers to your website.

Note: The code follows the concepts covered in Vaughn Vernon’s Implementing Domain-Driven Design book and is a great companion to the book. The code also exemplifies the IT/Ops strategy as defined by Udi Dahan used for UI composition .