Entrepreneur with a passion for leadership, technology-based business scaling and product development. Christer brings service excellence to every team, process and product in IT and software development.

As a results-oriented IT business professional with over 22 years of custom software project experience, Christer’s expertise is creating strategically aligned systems and bringing positive change, excellence and technology-agnostic growth to organizations. With a proven track record of more than 60 public and private sector projects, Christer works internationally as a catalyst for change and transformation.

  • Co-founder at Position Green (5 years as Chief Technology Officer)
  • Founded / co-founded 5 companies since 1997
  • Independent consultant since 2003
  • Copenhagen Technical University, Diploma in Software Engineering
    Aalborg Business College, Diploma in Software Engineering
  • Creator of the Advanced Software Mastermind conference
  • Founder of Lisbon Domain-Driven Design meet-up
  • NServiceBus Champ since 2012

Languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, understands some German, Indonesian

Workshops & experiences

Workshop: Customer Service in tech

Bring the customer and customer service centricity into the fabric of your organization. Through a carefully curated, adapted process, we will lay the foundation for excellence in your business:

  • Integrating Company Values into the technology choices and architecture design
  • Map the Customer Service Chain
  • Achieve better communication by optimizing project artifacts (see examples here) and protocol
  • Customer Service Oriented Architecture – remove the friction between business goals and technological goals
  • Organizational structures
  • Diversity
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) companies
  • Consultant companies
  • Corporations
  • Software technologists (project managers, product managers, architects, developers)