I love reading books and I am happy to share the ones that have inspired me most on this page. These books have been invaluable resources during the many projects I have been fortunate to work on.

Books are only added if they can add value to a technology business as a whole, no matter if it is subject is on technology, culture or leadership.

The books kits are:

Curious about Event-Driven Architecture?

Event-Driven Architecture is foundational for building modular and resilient software. I want everyone to have the opportunity to build great software from the get-go.

I’m currently writing a book on Event-Driven Architecture, including theory, concepts and concrete examples, due to be published on July 31st 2020. You can pre-order now at a discounted price. Please read more below!

Book kit: Delivering great service and leadership

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Speed re-reading this…

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Book kit: Domain-Driven Design

Book kit: Collaboration artifacts & process

Book kit: Event-Driven Architecture